DuPont Brass: HALFTIME (EP)

With their notoriety steadily increasing since the release of Eclectic Soul in January

of 2018, DuPont Brass returns with the ever-so soulful EP, Halftime. If Eclectic Soul is

the synopsis of the new DuPont Brass sound, then Halftime is the first body paragraph.

This short, yet filled project is themed around college and marching band life, the origin of DuPont Brass. Aside from telling the story of how they began, Halftime is also an experiment with creating music with half time rhythmic feels. Full of thoughtful lines, clever lyrics, and refreshing production, Halftime is bound to reel in every listener who truly loves music. 

DuPont Brass: Eclectic Soul

This project is a personification of DuPont Brass itself, embodying all of the various influences that have molded us into the artists that we are today individually and as a collective. We hope that you enjoy Eclectic Soul as much as we enjoyed creating it.

DuPont Brass: Crewsin: Sounds of the City (EP)

In 2014, DuPont Brass released their second studio project, Crewsin: Sounds of the CIty. Unlike their first, this EP features a multitude of popular contemporary hits from today's R&B and Pop artists. Crewsin: Sounds of the City also debuts a few original compositions, including the EP's namesake Crewsin. 

DuPont Brass: Christmas Time Is Here (EP)

As an ode to the humble beginnings playing outside during the Christmas holiday. DuPont Brass released "Christmas TIme Is Here" in late 2013. This soulful EP covers seasonal favorites including, "This Christmas", "Silent Night", and "Frosty the Snowman."


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