If given the option to choose between sleep and playing the drums, you can bet on him choosing the latter each and every time. For nearly the entirety of his life, Reginald (Reggie) James has been connected to music. Introduced to the love of music at an early age through his mother, father, brother, and many relatives near and far, Reginald’s passion for good music continues to burns intensely. Growing up he studied and admired the craftsmanship, dedication, excellence, and creativity of his eldest brother, DeJuan Jackson, as he worked diligently to perfect his skill on the drums. Losing his brother in 2010 ignited something in Reggie, driving him to dream and work harder, as he continues to follow the blueprint DeJuan laid for him many years ago. Reginald has played for countless churches, groups, bands, and artists like Bryan Lee, Gabrielle Hights, Dathan Thigpen to name a few. Bringing his own unique sound and energy to every music collaboration and opportunity he encounters, many who know him often say Reggie’s personality gets to the room before he does. But it’s that same personality that makes every room he steps into come alive. There’s a number of career paths and other opportunities Reggie could have chased, but if he had to hit the reset button on life and start all over again...he’s choosing his drumsticks every time.